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Movement defending vulnerable New Zealanders launches website and video

Today marks the launch of the first in a series of documentary videos from the grassroots #DefendNZ movement – defending Aotearoa and some of its most vulnerable people from the legalisation of ‘assisted dying’, a euphemism for assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Thousands of Kiwis, concerned about the dangers the End of Life Choice Bill poses to our country and to some of its most vulnerable citizens, have come together to #DefendNZ. They recognise that our nation is at a crossroads, with Parliament due to vote on the Bill very soon.

From across Aotearoa, diverse people young and old, of all ethnicities, and a full range of political persuasions are letting their voices be heard. They are speaking up about the wider implications this Bill would have for families, whānau, the health system and the fabric of our society.

Today the movement launched its website and trailer video, which provides a glimpse into the five mini-documentaries to be released over the coming weeks. They feature the stories of Kiwis who could be eligible for assisted suicide under the End of Life Choice Bill. They explore the impact this Bill would have on their relationships with their doctors and caregivers, on how society views and values their lives, on the way they feel about themselves, and on their safety. Hon. Dame Tariana Turia DNZM will also share her perspectives in these documentaries.

Their message is that we must give voice to those who would be most affected by this Bill. That we must examine carefully the experiences of euthanasia and assisted suicide regimes overseas.

That together, we all must #DefendNZ.

The trailer is available at

Watch the trailer in widescreen and read the full launch story here.

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