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#DefendNZ: The End of Life Choice Bill can’t be fixed

In their Report, released today, the Justice Committee details hundreds of problems with the End of Life Choice Bill, but fixes none of the substantial ones.

The Committee reports that they heard that the Bill’s criteria are too wide and vague, and the Bill doesn’t protect against coercion. That the Bill may undermine suicide prevention programmes, and it may breach the Treaty of Waitangi. To name a few. 

Over 53 pages the Committee relates what those who are part of the #DefendNZ movement already know – the End of Life Choice Bill is a dangerous proposition for New Zealand.

And the Committee has no answers as to how to fix this Bill outside of a few technical amendments – nothing to make it truly workable, to make it anywhere near safe.

Earlier today, #DefendNZ released the documentary Terminal but not dead yet, featuring the story of Vicki Walsh, who has terminal brain cancer, and expert commentary from palliative care expert Professor Roderick MacLeod and legal experts Grant Illingworth QC and Richard McLeod.

Vicki sees the End of Life Choice Bill as a threat to her well-being and safety. She worries about being made to feel like her life has no value, and about being coerced into ending her life.

The Justice Committee acknowledges that the End of Life Choice Bill is unworkable as it is. And 90% of the over 37,000 unique submissions they received told them that the Bill is dangerous. They don’t make recommendations to fix the Bill because it can’t be fixed.

This Bill is a danger to New Zealand and to some of our most vulnerable citizens. We must #DefendNZ.

Watch Vicki’s documentary in widescreen and read her complete story here.

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