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End of Life Choice Bill has no place in New Zealand says new book from #DefendNZ

#DefendNZ – a grassroots movement opposed to the End of Life Choice Bill – today releases its book Vote “No” to Assisted Suicide, which has also been delivered to MPs.

Very soon Parliament will be voting on the End of Life Choice Bill. This Bill proposes radical changes to our laws so that, for the first time ever in our history, doctors would be licensed to intentionally end the lives of some of their patients.

Mindful of the dangers this Bill poses to our country and some of its most vulnerable people, thousands of Kiwis from all walks of life have come together to #DefendNZ.

Vote “No” to Assisted Suicide presents a collection of writings illustrating our reasons for speaking out against the End of Life Choice bill. They detail the stories of Kiwis who could be eligible for assisted suicide under the Bill, as well as commentary from New Zealand and international experts – and evidence supporting their concerns.

The stories of Kylee Black, John Fox, Claire Freeman, Vicki Walsh, and Glenn Major are featured in the book. As are expert commentaries from Dr Conrad Engelbrecht (Anaesthetist and Pain Medicine Specialist), Dr Huhana Hickey MNZM (Researcher and Disability Advocate), Hon Dame Tariana Turia DNZM (Former Associate Minister of Health), Professor Margaret Somerville (Professor of Bioethics), Robert Preston (Director, Living and Dying Well, UK), Richard McLeod (Human Rights, Immigration and Refugee Lawyer), Grant Illingworth QC (Barrister-at-Law), Dr Mary English (Spokesperson, Doctors Say No), Professor Roderick MacLeod MNZM (Palliative Care Physician).

Our greatness as a nation will be judged on how we treat our most vulnerable members. The End of Life Choice Bill, and the dangers it would pose to individuals and society, have no place in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

We hope that all who read this book, and engage with our documentaries and online content will join with us to #DefendNZ.

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